Seasonic fanless PSU - buzz noises ? other quiet alternatives ?



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I need my PC dead silent as I use it for recording/mixing and do it many time late at night,
so dead quiet means I can listen to the music at very low levels and still be able to mix ;)

After replacing the intake/outtake fans (both are now 80mm running under 1000rpm) it is indeed so silent
I can only hear the hard drives motors... all this with the 80mm PSU fan clocked down to 800rpm...
I'm afraid this is too low for such a (cheap) PSU so I would like to get an adequate, silent PSU for my system.

I checked for two options:

Seasonic S12II-520 (120mm fan)
Seasonic X-Series SS-460FL (fanless)

Basically I wouldn't mind spending the 150$ on the fanless models, but I read about these X model producing all kinds of
whining and buzz noises (presumably from the PS coils). Youtube also demonstrate some bad experience of buzzings in various models...

What would you recommend ? I really need it as silent as it may get, and wouldn't mind the price.

Thanks !