Search Funtion is God AWFUL


Cracker Jack

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Like many members here, I participate in other forums other than this one. In comparison, the search function here is just terrible!

For one, when you search by keyword, e.g. "RAM PC2100" example, it doesn't turn up any matches even though there was just a recent thread on this.

Furthermore one should be able to limit (select) which forum to search in. For instance if you knew that a certain topic was discussed in either the Software or General category, you should be able to select those two. Instead, you have to search the entire open forum which takes forever. For modem users like myself, it is extremely fustrating to see the software search through all 10 or 15 different forums. Very time consuming. I suppose you could search each forum individually, but either way, it's a total waste of time.

If you know that last week you saw a topic on RAM in either the Software or General cateogory, why should you have to search the entire OPEN & ARCHIVED forums??

I hate using the search function here. Has anyone else had similar problems/experiences?

There seems to be a growing dissatisfaction among users here. From the OT forum being removed... Krusty resigning...recent comment that this forum is rather "plain"...very poor search feature....

I would suggest that if the creators/"powers that be" want to see continued use of this forum, do something to improve it. I have a growing suspicion in the short time I have been here that the membership has gone down - not up. And in this internet age, where other PC help forums are thriving, this one has a long ways to go.

It worked doesn't work today...Windows is like that.

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Oh my god. Are you actually using the Search engine at the top right of the page?! LOL! That's not the search engine for the forum! It's right below the "post reply" option in the middle.
From the OT forum being removed... Krusty resigning...recent comment that this forum is rather "plain"...very poor search feature....
What do you know? You've been here a month. I'm sure you'll have the excuse, "But, I've been coming here for 2 years but just now registered..."
Point being, you haven't been here long enough to have a real opinion.


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OMG this is too funny!
I just came back to check how things were going and I saw this thread. LOL man! This is hilarious, but unfortunately you make those of who complained about this place look bad.


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<multiple deletions>

I'd love to see two of our most mature and eloquent posters going after one another in a steel cage match, but since everyone else has long since left this topic it's closed.

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