Seagate has released a 15,000 RPM hard drive


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I read about it in iXBT's news column. And, as most of you probably already know, higher spindle/platter speeds means higher possible data transfer rates. Initially this technology will only be used in Seagate's Cheetah-class Ultra SCSI 160 and Fibre Channel interface drives. However, it may help push platter speeds in the higher performance IDE drives up to the 10k RPM level. Here's a portion of the press release:

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA — 23 February 2000 — Seagate Technology Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today announced the addition of the Cheetah X15 to its family of award-winning Cheetah disc drives. The Cheetah X15 is the world's first drive to operate at 15,000 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) and delivers 3.9 msec average seek times - the fastest in the world. The Cheetah X15's performance is equivalent to a person reading the entire works of Shakespeare in less than .15 seconds. As the only drive on the market to achieve this performance breakthrough, the Cheetah X15 disc drive is the best solution available when both high-transaction performance and reliability are essential. Seagate enterprise-class disc drives, like the Cheetah family, serve as the backbone of the Internet. As the fastest drive in the world, the robust Cheetah X15 can deliver more transactions per second, bringing Internet users faster searches, quicker downloads and a more enjoyable on-line experience. The new Cheetah X15 will be available in the popular 18 Gigabyte capacity.

The Cheetah X15's target markets are all related to the drive's performance attributes. With 15,000 RPM, 3.9 msec average seek times, data rates of up to 48MB/sec, 4 and 16MB cache options, Ultra160 or 2Gbit Fibre Channel interfaces, and 3D Defense System, the Cheetah X15 is clearly the best choice for those running business-critical applications. E-business, transaction processing, data mining, data warehousing, professional video and graphics are all key applications for the Cheetah X15.
Well, it seems the upper limit of the data transfer rate for this speed level (48MB/sec) is still well within the limitations of the ATA/66 (66MB/sec) interface. This indicates that ATA/66 still has quite a bit of headroom to accomodate faster drive technology in the future.


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The Cheetah X15's performance is equivalent to a person reading the entire works of Shakespeare in less than .15 seconds.
Forsooth, but that my drive shouldst so endowed with this
performance be.


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No, this will be using the SCSI ULTRA160 (160MB/s). If you want a controller for it check out Adaptecs 39160 SCSI controllers. These thing are just BAD ASS!

And Luke, you give Shakespear alot more time than I would. I only would give him .15ns.

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Did Shakespear write any computer hardware review? If yes then i would read his work. If not then he must suck.


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when something spins that fast and you accidentally kick your computer, won't it knock the plates off balance?


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Come to think of it, I'm sure I heard someone say their PC was hovering in the air when they put one of these in

Seriously, I bet it's pretty noisy.


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Sometimes i wonder whether people just take a joke too seriously because they didn't understand it or because they dont like other people having fun.

I dont read books at all anymore, they bore me to death. I can watch movies and play video games. Books are for study EVIL i tell you.

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