SDRAM vs. RDRAM, Facts and Fantasy



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i belive that the via board was crippled i use rdram but i notice a performence increase in my multiprocessor systems
it makes sence the higher bandwidth would do better with multiple request
even the dual channel single processor boards arnt that impressive
but i belive that in high end systems rdram is worth the coin but for games and stuff
get yourself some ddr 2100 thats what i use for my consoles.

im open to oppinions if anyone has them


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Thansk for the continung article on RDRAM vs SDRAM.

I'm not a techno type. I am a consumer and one who happens to be in the middle of researching the best buy and performance for my money in the current technology and economy arena.

The info in the articles clearly states what is going on.



omg, i can't believe how may people make their first posts in the article forum. and how long this thread has been up!
I just saw a P4 system using DDR PC2100 RAM. Is this the compromise between SD and RD on P4 systems? Does anyone know the PROS or CONS of this? Or even seen this before? It seems that DDR SDRAM has all the benefits of SDRAM and is a good alternative to RDRAM for the P4 systems. I don't claim to much about this subject, but I saw this configuration and I thought I would ask. Any replies would be very helpful.