SCSI Termination


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I work in a computer lab and I need to find out how to terminate either a Teac SCSI CD-Rom and a Connor Tape Back-up (internal). they are connected through a NCR 53C810 PCI-SCSI Card. Help!!!

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You may need to do a couple of things--- some devices have auto-termination (many of the newer ones, and most internal devices). You may need to toggle a setting on your SCSI Bios or a jumper setting on the card to allow this to happen, however.

It's possible that there's also a jumper on each device that sets auto-termination. This is fairly uncommon, but something you may want to check.

Sadly, I don't know anything about NCR SCSI products. When buying SCSI cards, (unless you're on a budget) you should go with Adaptec products-- they tend to be the standard to which most PC SCSI specs are written. You often risk incompatability in some areas otherwise (I have two SCSI cards, an ADVANSYS, which I like alot and a ADAPTEC, which is a bit older and slower. When I wanted to "flash" upgrade my CD-Writer, the ADVANSYS couldn't do it. Worked on the first try with the Adaptec though.)