SCSI Tape Backup Unit Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 or Python 2.7


Robinzon Kruso

New Member

This is a new problem that I am trying to solve. I need to start to control a SCSI unit, exact illy an LTO Tape Bakup Unit, which can be SCSI (LVD, HVD, SATA, Fiber Chanel etc.). I was looking on INTERNET but there are no that much information about this kind of programming. I need to start first with INQUIRY commands and I found that on Windows platform we need to use ASPI wrapper in order to communicate with an SCSI device. I would like to get and I would appreciate any information, link, tutorial or example that can halp me to start with SCSI programming. For the beginning I would like to start with following problem...

1. How to send a INQUIRY command to the drive
2. How to get the basic information from the drive, like Power on hours, serial number
3. How to get tape info.
4. How to start read/write on/from tape
5. How to get the information about how many data has been written, how many errors, what is the speed of read/write etc.

Any info about above mentioned problems in VB6, Python 2.6 or 3 would be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help.