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Hello all!

I am in need of some suggestions on a "Great" SCSI Hardrive at a price of around $300.00. I currently have a Maxtor 20GB ATA 100 7200 RPM. (So Slow)

I have an Adaptec 2940 SCSI card that runs my Plextor 32X CD-Rom and my Plextor 4X 12X CD-R. Do you also suggest I purchase another SCSI card, Im sure they are much faster now days. If so what do you suggest?

Any and all help appreciated!

Thank you!

My system is:
Asus CUSL2-C Motherboard
Antec SX-840 Case W/Enermax EG451P-VE Power supply
256MB 1 dimm Crucial PC 133 CL2
Asus Gforce 32MB 4X DDR AGP Video Card
Sound blaster Live Sound Card

Thanks again!

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Your adaptec 2940 card only runs at 40 MB/sec. You didn't say if your 100 MB /sec hard disk was hooked up to a ATA100 controller. The ATA100 hard disk you have should be plenty fast if you have the ATA100 controller to go with it. But if you want, you can buy another SCSI card, the 2940U2W or if you have money, the 29160 and buy a Segate hard disk to match with it. But remember one thing, you'll never get the price per meg advantage you get with IDE. An 18 GB LVD160 hard disk will cost you more or about the same then a 75 GB IBM DeskStar ATA100 IDE hard disk.

What kind of controller do you have?

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I just realized you have the i815e chipset which has an intergrated ATA100 controller. If you don't find it fast, maybe try buying the IBM DeskStar ATA100 hard disk or similar offering from Seagate.

Why do you find your hard disk slow? Maybe it's your windows caching that's not setup properly or something.

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Well if you get a newer SCSI hard drive it will most likely be SCSI 2, which is something that SCSI card cannot do. You will have to buy a new SCSI card if you want to use a newer SCSI hard drive. Even if you did find an older SCSI hard drive that would work on your SCSI card I dont think you want to hook it up because I read that the hard drive will be limited to the speed of the slowest component on the SCSI chain. This is why some people have more than 1 SCSI adapter in their pc, 1 for the hard drives, and the other for cd-roms, etc. I'm not sure if everything I said is true but I think it is. I'm sure we will have some real SCSI expert in here soon to help you pick out a hard drive.