SCSI card



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I have been told to be careful when I hook up devices to a SCSI card because you can slow your ultra2 devices down to ultra i.e. 40Mhz to 20Mhz. I have also read that Adaptec has something called speed flex that isolates electronically the buses of different devices. But I have been looking at a control card from Tekram. It has four connectors, 1 50 pin int, 1 68 pin uw int., 1 68 pin u2 int., and 1 68 pin ext., and is only $207. My question is am I only to be concerned about the fore mention problem if I am trying to daisy chain for ex., If I hooked a u2 HD with a CD-ROM that is not at U2 speed all to the same conector? Will I sacrifice speed if I connect my CD-ROM to the uw conector and the HD to the U2 conector or should I go with the Adaptec because their will be no speed lost?


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in general the slowest device on the controller determines the controller speed.

use eide for the cdrom. much cheaper & same speeds more or less as scsi. This is pretty much true for cdr/w as well.

you want fast full scsi performance only have fast scsi drvices on that chain all with the same level of performance. when you mix & match you end up not much different from eide.