Screen resolution goes back to 640x480 if monitor is turned off on win98 startup



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Yeah, isn't this weird? I can't get the resolution to anything else, unless I reboot the computer. This really isn't a problem, but a strange thing anyway...

A problem is that, Win98 sometimes says "New hardware found", though there's nothing new in my comp. It finds my monitor again! And installs it again. Annoying.

I have 3 different monitors, and the same things appear with them all.


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Monitors these days are plug-and-play, and if you tell Windows to always look for new will. The problem is, this is the default setting.

So each time you reboot windows checks to see if the monitor has changed.

You monitor has to be powered on for Windows to talk to it and detect it. So when its off, Windows thinks you have a new monitor. But Window's efforts to detect this "new monitor" are unsuccessful due to it not being on. So windows reverts to a default monitor.

Try this: Go to Display Properties, Advanced, Monitor, and uncheck the box labeled "Automatically Detect Plug & Play monitors". If this doesnt work, go into your BIOS and make sure Plug and Play OS is set to "No".

If all else fails, just make sure your monitor is on when you start up. That hardware redetect is just windows finding the monitor it couldnt find before.

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