Scanner Not Powering Up via ISA Interface Card



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I have an "Enhance" Model Venus III 3-D (new, 6 mos.)object scanner I bought at a computer show and it had an ISA interface card with it and this card also supplies power to the scanner whenever the computer is on. Recently I had changed some bios settings and PCI/IDE assignment to try & get a CD-RW working & NO Luck there I just recently noticed my scanner didn't have the little green light on (dimmed) until I turn on switch of scanner, then(bright)and no initializing of the scanner when turned on. I thought it would still show light from the ISA card,no matter what setting..Wouldn't it because it was plugged into the bus! I tried different cable and ISA slot, still nothing! Is this interface card special to this scanner(uses parallel type 25p conn) or can I
replace it with any other ISA 25P parallel port card?? I think ISA card is just so it can power scanner without a power cord...Also problem could be and can you tell me if changing any setting in BIOS will kill the slot power capability to this ISA slot. IF so what setting do I need to change?
Thanks in Advance for your replies!