SBLive Value 20 pin header pinouts here



The CT4830 is the second version of the SBLive Value flavour.

I did a mission to find them so I don't have to buy any damn add-on card for those of us without the CD-SPDIF In jack.

Taken from ALive site message forum:
Full credit to RJM2K1

761.2 in reply to 761.1

the AUD_EXT header (the big one) is as follows:
1 VCC +5V power supply
2 VCC +5V power supply
3 GND Ground
4 AC97CLK 24.5 MHz clock output
5 GND Ground
6 GP_SPDIFIN#2 SPDIF input signal
7 GND Ground
8 GND Ground
9 SPDIFO#3 SPDIF Out signal
10 GPO1 General Purpose Output #1
11 GPO2 General Purpose Output #2
12 GND Ground
13 GPO0 General Purpose Output #0
14 GND Ground
15 GP_SPDIFIN1 SPDIF Input signal
16 GND Ground
17 SPDIFO#0 SPDIF Out signal

18 GND Ground
19 SPDIFO#1 SPDIF Out signal
20 GND Ground
21 GND Ground
22 SPDIFO#2 SPDIF Out signal
23 GPI0 Digital Input (GP Input 0; Reserved)
24 GPI1 Digital Input, (GP Input 1; Reserved)
26 GND Ground
28 GND Ground
29 KEY
30 KEY
31 ADCSDO2 I2S audio data input.
32 GND Ground
33 ADCSDO1 I2S audio data input.
34 GND Ground
35 ADCSDO0 I2S audio data input.
36 GND Ground
37 I2SCLK I2S serial bit clock.

38 GND Ground
39 I2SFS Frame sync.
40 GND Ground

(ADC stands for analogue-digital convertor)


I've tried the SPDIF In [Pin15/16] using digital output of my CDROM and it works [ on my CT4830]. Now I'm confident a DVD can interface the AC3 thru the value models

I consider this a triumph


Another note: Windows Media Player uses the Wave/DirectSound/MP3 option in the Mixer. SPDIF In will not work if your playing from your CDROM audio using Media Player. Alternativly use 'CD Player' [standard windows component] this way you can see for sure if SPDIF In is functioning.


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