SB16 PRO PnP resets to DOS on Startup



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anyone got time 4 a tech question ?:

I'm running win 98 on a AMD 4X86 AMI Bios(10,10,94),Cirrus Logic Video with a Soundblaster16 PnP Pro, With the CD ROM hooked up to the IDE controler on the sound card. The Device manager shows NO Conflicts.

I've checked resources with Device manager, Nuts&Bolts, Norton Utilities & Checkit 98 everyting is stright.

The problem is as soon as it plays a 16-bit sound the system resets to DOS then reboots Back to windows boots 'till it gets to the 16 bit wave on startup then resets to DOS over & over. It did the same thing in windows 95 so my guess is it's not the system. It's hard to check because most diagnosticts software plays a 16 bit wave file upon startup and then the system resets to DOS. I have disabled SB16 but I can not figure the problem

The only thing I can come up with is CMOS settings, I've checked it and everything seems ok,I'm stumped, what's worse is this is a system I bought as a pig in a poke.

Thanks in Advance