SB Live & MP3s



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I know PCI soundcards speed up games by taking some of the load off the processor, but is there any difference when playing MP3s? Decoding an MP3 for playing is mainly a processor function, so im guessing it wont make a difference, but would an SB Live or other PCI card make any difference over an ISA card when playing MP3s? Thanks.


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Not by match, PCI by itlself will only make differnece in amount of data throghput (that's why 3D sound cards are PCI) ,as for the CPU utilization, mith which Sound Card manufactures tryed you to believe, about PCI actually lowering CPU utilization, majorly remains to be mith..... well ok +- 2-3% difference, so what, its about the same as Statistic's probability variation.

As for the playing MP3 files, difference will appear only in case if S, card will do it in Hardware !!! Which none of two Sound Card does, but all of them promise to do it in the near future with updates. From technical side it easier to impliment such acceleration using DSP (EMU + Creative) processor, rather then dedicated, like Vortex (Aureal) line, but we'll see.