SB AWE 64 and Stuttering sound!



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I get stuttering and static sound in some games, eg. NHL 99 Madden 99, even sometimes just in win 98, any Idea why or what I can do about it?
I have a Sound Blaster AWE 64 with the latest drivers installed.


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Quick! Hide this message from collinj! <sarcasm>It couldn't POSSIBLY be the card anyway. We all know how great the AWE 64 is thanks to collinj's posts!</sarcasm>

Seriously though, if you've got a slow computer like mine or something that makes the CPU grind to a halt, it will happen. I get stutters sometimes. Not sure about the noise, my speakers used to get a buzzing sound in them which was solved by moving the speaker leads around until it stopped. Go figure


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Ignoring geoff's post, your problem likely lies in this card sucking up the cpu cycles, and causing the sound to stutter. Try lowering the sound quality in the games if available.

Isa cards use alot of the cpu's cycles, and cause this problem with games in windows.