satellite modem and far-ranging wireless router



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Hi - URGENT!!:)I currently have an eMac and use a Linksys N router in my current home. I may be moving to a very rural area for the summer and want to be able to get internet there. The main computer there uses Satellite to connect to the internet. The cabin i'll be in is more than 180 yards from the main house, with some trees. We checked with the satellite company and they said you can buy a router that is far-ranging (such as what scientists and firefighters use). I did a search for "far-ranging routers" and came up with ZILCH. Anyone have any ideas?

ps - a friend said i can get a card that picks up any satellite signals nearby (used to be for use in airports)...anyone know what these are called?


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Not an expert in these matters, but I'd suggest looking into antennas for the wireless router and for the card/computer, specifically a high gain directional (they go hand in hand) antenna.


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+1 to Danceman's suggestion. I've seen plenty of information on the internet about "can-tennas", both homemade and commercial. They seem to be just what you're looking for.


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Courtesy of our local craigslist spammer:

This 2.4 GHz 24 dBi Grid Dish Antenna is perfect for long-range wireless data transmissions! It operates at 2.4 GHz frequency and features an antenna gain of 24 dBi for extended coverage! It comes with two grid type antenna reflectors and mounting hardware for easy installation!

* 2.4 GHz 24 dBi Outdoor Grid Dish Antenna w/Cable
* General Features:
* Outdoor grid type antenna reflector
* For long-range wireless data transmissions
* 2.4 GHz operating frequency
* 24 dBi gain
* Comes with mounting hardware
* Applications:
* 2.4 GHz Frequency Band
* Wireless Internet Access
* Wireless Bridges
* MMDS Systems
* Point to Point Repeaters
* Antenna Dimensions:
* 24.25 x 21.5 (H x W, approximate)

Package Includes:

* Two (2) Grid Dish Antenna Halves
* Cable with N connector (female)
* Tilt and Swivel mast mount kit
* U-Bolts
* Screw pack


As edhe62 mentioned, there are also homemade reflectors. Some googling will find them. You could set up a router to router bridge using high gain antennas.


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re: cantennas


i did a bit of research and now i just have to figure out what KIND of antenna - a yagi? sounds like it might work...found a page which tells you how to figure out how far it transmits (b/c the actual description of the antenna DOES NOT - even on the website which sells it-- tell you how far it transmits), using a slew of complicated calculations, and the specs for my router (linksys WRT160N V2) do not reallyhelp either (even from the linksys web support page) if anyone has any ideas about how to KNOW or DECIDE which kind of antenna will or won't work with a linksys WRT160N V2, i'd be grateful!

THanks for your help!