Samsung SCX-4521F Problems - Any Solutions?



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I recently purchased a Samsung SCX-4521F Multi-Function Printer (mono Laser). For the most part its performed well but there are a few dissappointments. I'm hoping you can provide me with solutions / workarounds. I'm using Windows XP Pro.

My problems:

1. PC Faxing - From my Windows application (MS Word) I attempt to print to the supplied SCX-4521F fax. The problem is I must dial an access # before i can make any long distance calls. I input the 10 digit access # but I am incapable ot entering in a PAUSE, then the actual long distance #. Can faxing from my PC somehow allow me to provide an access #, a pause, then long distance #?

2. Speed Dialing - When speed dialing a number, the keypad is rendered inoperable for any further dialpad numeric keypresses, so navigating phone menus or providing a long distance # after speed dialing an access # is impossible

3. Clock & Settings Reset - When the unit is powered off then later powered back on, the clock and all settings are reset to defaults.

4. Scan DPI - Is there any way to adjust the scanning resolution while physically at the MFP unit. Depending on the supplied document, the resolution can flip between 200 DPI to 600 DPI.

5. Is there any Firmware updates for this unit?

6. Is there a new SmartThru package or better / compatible software tools/drivers i can use in place of the manufacturer's for my MFP?