Safe to use fan controller on PS Fans?



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Uh, in the subject.
But, the point is, after Cool'n'Quiet, the XP-90, and the silent 120mm in the back of a Antec P160, it seems the PS is a roaring beast.

Is the PS is not temp controlled (uh, generic), I know stay away from generics, but I can't, how safe is it to run the Fans to a Fan controller I have?

I assume the PS would heat up, duh, but if I just slow the down 50%, that should ne enough right? or not?

And if the PS over heats, I assume a shut down with no damage to parts? or not? :eek


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Well, as an unscientific unsafe test, just put your hand behind the computer. If the air blowing out is relatively hot, then it's probably not safe to reduce the airflow.

Also bear in mind that the fan on the PSU does affect airflow in the whole computer. I.e., slowing it down might also drive your CPU, HDD and GPU speeds up a little.

Personally I would rather get a decent 120mm fan that's silent to start with, rather than slow down a noisy fan to the point where it hardly pushes any air. (Yes, you can see it coming, another plug for Papst;)) E.g., on my PSU I put one of those 18 dBA fans from Papst, and not temperature controlled either.

It's not completely silent in a completely silent room, but it's close enough.


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Good point to swap fans, but at this point the air out of the PS is chilly and the 120mm is directly behind the CPU.

I will go unscientific and then try a fan swap.