s3virge dx/gx 375/385 and monster 3d problem



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i have a cyrix 6x86 233mhz processor and a s3 virge graphics card at first my monster3d worked when i played a game butt after the first game i couldn't start another?
and now they don't start at all even mojo lock's up when i want to view the hardware settings a line of adrresses flows over the mojo window.in the display props.when i want to test the framerate in monster settings
i get a black screen and it returns to windows immediatly.i tried the fxremapkit,that cyrixfix thing which doesn't even work(well not for me)this has been bugging me for day's now can anyone help me out??and shouldn't my monster 3d be in the same place as my s3 card in system properties??
if anyone can help i would be very gratefull.