S3 Trio 3D, Hardware Accl. Hang up


Daniel Kwong

I am using FIC 503+ with K6-2 300 CPU and 128 mb ram and S3 Trio 4mb AGP SGRAM. I am using Win98 and DirectX 6. When I am playing Tom Radider 2 and set up as Hardware 3D enable, my machine hang up after the first 3D screen. Similarly, when I turn on Hardware 3D enable in MS Plus 98 Organic Art Screen saver, when Hardware 3D is enable it hang up again when the screen scaver activiate! I've test with DirectX 6 but both hardware and software 3D show no problem! Please help.

p.s I've install VIA AGP 2.9 with AGP setting to normal mode


From what I've read, the S3 just won't run right. It is a 3d card, only on a technicality. If you want to run right, I'd get another card. Even going with something like a STB VElocity 128(as low as 49.99 at Compusa) will cook. The S3 is just crap.