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My goal is to watch my computer played
DVD's on my TV. My new computer has a video card by Pinnacle Sys. which came with "Studio PCTV" It has CATV connection, one yellow RCA jack and a "S Video" plug.

So far I can watch TV and Videos on my computer but am at a loss on how to send the signal out to my TV. Will the S Video connector allow the signal to go both ways or only in, or out? If the signal does go out to TV I would have to acquire an adapter to connect to the CATV or RCA jacks on the TV.

Or will I need to replace the video card with another? If so any recommendations?

I would welcome any tips and comments, Thanks


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Your video card has a monitor connection, a yellow female RCA plug, and an S-video connection on it? If so, I would guess that the RCA plug is for video in, while the S-video is for video out.

If you want to play DVDs from your computer to your TV, you'll need to connect the S-video connection to your TV. If your TV does not have S-video In, then you'll need to buy an adapter or a special cable.

You could check the manual to see if it tells you what each port on the video card does.

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when u say studio pctv..that is a capture/tv tuner card not a video card....this cannot output to tv....now your video card(the time the monitor cord plugs into) if that has a rca or s-video plug that will output to a tv.