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I have a Wintek Geforce3 and on the back is an S-cable output to goto a TV. My TV is old enough not to have an S input and I was wondering if there is an adapter I could get. I think I had one on my Voodoo3. And if I got it hooked up right how would a DVD movie look playing from the computer to the TV?



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If your TV has a Video in connector then you can get a cable to go from SVideo to this connector.
The Video in connector looks like a yellow audio socket, have a look for it on you TV.

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You should call up whoever you bought your Geforce3 from, because that adapter should have been included with your card- even if you bought it OEM. You may be able to pick up the adapter at Radio Shack if the seller refuses to give you one. If your tv doesn't have a rca video in, then you'll have to run it through your vcr. Be warned though, if you watch dvd's from your computer to your vcr, you'll have to put up with macrovision. It'll cause a constantly fading black line along the top of the tv screen. You can get around this by buying a program called TvTool. This program also lets you tweak the tv-out more than the video card drivers allow.

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