running k6-2 400 @ 450



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I have a amd k6-2 400 and i have heard of many people getting uit to 450 but i cant. I have tried changing the voltage to 2.3 and i dont know what else to try. Any ideas?

Tim Lee

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Mine runs rock stable at 450MHZ 2.3V. Change to 2.4v and see if it runs stable. I mean run starcraft with all the cheats and 8 players. If it does not bounce you out of the game after 1 hour, it is stable. What kind of mobo do you have? Also get alpha cooler from One guys told me that there was a 17C' improvement! I am getting it in 2 days.

Good luck



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I have a K62 400 that is clocked up to 450. The motherboard is well cheap and only goes to 450. The voltage has to be at 2.4 to make it stable. I am using a very cheap standard+heatsink fan. It could definately do with some more cooling as it is starting to smell a bit burnt but otherwise running fine with no lock ups.


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mine runs very well on 450
2.3 volt
mb/ GA-5AX, Giga-Byte
no special fan/cooler, but i ordered alpha cooler and a 3dfx fan, i hope to reache 475 (500) then.


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i guess ill just try again then. I have an ax59pro motherboard if that helps at all. Is that a pretty good MB