Routing issue's


Mr Bloody369

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I'm having routing issue's where my current router D-Link dgl-4500, I have 8 pc's that need hard wired and 4 need wirless, this is an house that this is all runed in.. curenty with 3 pc's and 2 wirless hooked up to router, main pc hooked though gig land/cat-6 to router and only getting 30-48bt/s on upload but when i reset it it goes it normal rate of 300kb/s~240kb/s dl 2mb/s~870mbs then dies out with in 3 days and repeat(firm ware updated to newest respect version and router is over the 1 year warranty so i expect it dying)... I work at home from my pc and always have mutiable rmt's and vnc going with torrent and ftp transfers going at same time with all other pc's are just hiting the web surfing web pages and one is a vio server which all use little to nothing for bandwith exept main pc..and 360 streaming hd netflix while working.. I don't know is my best bet to get a gig/switch and hook router to the switch? and hard line to the switch from main pc for no issue's??

Goal is to be able to hook up 7 pc's hard lined(cat-5/cat-6) and 1 pc dual gig/lined to gig port(cat-6) I wish I could find a reasonable price for one box but I cant find any do what I want

If any thing i forgot to include ask and I will supply.

Thanks for your time and help


The D-Link dgl-4500 is a gamer router. It's probably build whit QoS in mind. QoS is a protocol that will give priority to program ( Like Game ) that need rapid communication. It will slow down constant stream program to give space to those program. From what I'm reading from your problem, I bet the router program was not design to take so much constant stream. And it's simply doing what it's program to do. Analyze and slow stream program to give Higher output to peak program. Before giving up hope on it try to disable QoS in the router and see if it makes and difference. Or add the Torrent program to the QoS list and forward the port it use.