Router to Repeater to Access Point???



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Hey guys. I have been out of the technical loop forever and need a quick brushup on how to accomplish a wireless link over a distance.

Here is what I need to do. I need to get a wireless signal to a seperate building which is about 400-450 feet away. I currently have a D-Link DIR 625 router setup in the original building. I have a weak signal to the other one, but it is there. If I am able to bump that signal through high DBI antennas can I setup an AP at that location without it being hardwired? Or do I need to setup a repeater then AP? If so are there any recommendations? I am sure this is very basic but as I said earlier I am out of the loop. Thanks in advance for the help.


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So you want wireless connectivity to the machines in the other building (building B), not just wireless to the building and then wired within, correct?

If so, I'm not aware of any single device which will give you what you want (there might be something at the high end; most of my wireless experience is with the consumer-grade stuff). You can get devices which will act as a wireless client, i.e. would let you connect to building A's signal and get a wired connection on the other side, but they won't be an access point themselves while in that mode. (I've used D-Link stuff to do that, but it's probably a fairly common feature.) You'd then need to connect another access point on a different channel to get the clients connected.


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I've extended WiFI with this, . The Linksys model has worked for me extending ranges to seperate buildings 200-250 feet from source. Product works best with WEP configurations, works best with Linksys Routers tho, but I have used it with other manufactures. Configurations are troublesome, sometimes manual other times use the Auto Configs, it varies, so do the results. Best solution to WiFi Range issues(which i consider slow, problematic and unsecure) :)