Riva TNT + Cyrix 686 150MHz. Slowdown system?



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I know that my processor not is the best, but very soon i will buy a video card (and maybe later, a new processor).

I found as a good choice the Riva TNT with PCI/tv-out, but better the processor speed, better the Riva performance, so..
My question is.. the entire 686 system/cpu performance works normal or will be slowdown with the Riva?
and, exists another choice for my system, maybe the Banshee? If the performance for my machine will be the same, then i must choose the Riva??

Thanks in advance


The Riva TnT will work on any speed system. It is just so fast that it is not maxxed out on lower end machines. That in no way affects it's performance, it just is not fully utilized. I just bought a Velocity 4400 and am totally satisfied with it. I wanted it because when i upgrade processor speed( I'm running a Dual P Pro 180Mhz setup. ) the card will increase with it. As for the Banshee, no tv/out, no dvd support, and has only a single texture processor. So, any game that uses multi pass textures, it will crap the card out. And if you upgrade your processor, banshee will run the same . It's not powerful enough to scale with it.


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Banshee, like standard voodoo2 cards do not like processors below 200mhz, and will not be faster than a standard voodoo1. But a voodoo1 on a cyrix is not a good choice. I had a cyrix p-166+ processor with a canopus pure 3d voodoo1 card, and was only capable of 12 measly frames per second running timedemo demo1.dm2 map in quake II. That is really slow and choppy. So I can imagine that a voodoo2 card would likely get about 15fps in the same demo with the same processor. If you are thinking about getting a processor in the near future, go with the riva tnt. It has better image quality and higher resolution choices than a voodoo2 card or dual voodoo2 cards.