RGB Cable



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I am having problems with getting my HP A1097C (Apollo 700 Series) monitor to work right. This particular monitor has a RGB input for video input from video card. I purchased a RGB Connector Cable from local store. The Connector Cable that is available has 2 extra connectors (ie. total of five connectors on the end that connects to the monitor). My monitor has only 3 connectors in the back (Red, Green & Blue). When I bought this cable I was told to use just the RED, GREEN & BLUE connectors and leave the other two unconnected. But the monitor won't display any thing but some squiggly red, blue and green lines. I'm trying to find out what the last two connectors in the RGB Connector Cable are for (these are colored WHITE & BLACK); do these two control horizontal and vertical synchronization. If so how can I get my monitor to work right? Hopefully my explanation is clear enough. Thanks.