Retina MacBook Pros inexplicably freezing for many users



Apple's Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pro plagued by hangs and lockups, with no clear reason why and no consistent fix

The price of early adoption, especially if you're a Mac user, has once again reared its ugly head.

Apple's new line of Intel Haswell-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro models (vintage: late 2013) are apparently riddled with issues that cause the mouse, trackpad, and keyboard to stop responding.

Enough people are reporting the issue that a thread devoted to it on the Apple Support Communities forum has grown to 19 pages as of this writing...

Full story available at InfoWorld,
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Are mac's worth it anymore?

hey guys just looking for some opinions on where mac has been headed since jobs passed. i for one havent bought much mac products in the last few years and am wondering in lenovo or somebody else will surpass their quality for djing computers and audio etc....also would like to know how these new macbook pros are fairing besides the above mentioned problem about he retina displays.

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retina just like DSG transmission that are nice to own but somehow a pain to repair.

Maybe just a matter of time for these high ended technology to get improved.

Don't you agree?

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