[RESOLVED] XBOX 360 controller (connected to PC) causing USB headset distortion



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Well basically I just connected my XBOX 360 Controller (well, the guitar that comes with guitar hero 2, to be specific) to my PC, and while Vista recognized the device and installed drivers and such without a problem, and the device seems to be functioning, for as long as it's connected (and until I reboot with the controller disconnected) the sound going through my headset (USB Plantronics DSP 550) sounds completely distorted.

Relevant information:
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
Windows Vista
Plantronics DSP 550 USB headset
RedOctane X-Plorer Controller, Model: 95065.

Any idea? :)


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Do you have a regular wired Xbox 360 controller you could connect to the PC to see if that causes distortion as well? The Guitar Hero controller has the d-pad permanently holding the left pad down. This is so the game recognizes that it's a guitar controller as opposed to a regular one. That's really the only difference I can think of between a standard 360 controller and the Xplorer.


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I'm afraid I don't, I only have the wireless one that came with my 360, however the problem persists even if I unplug the controller until I actually reboot, so I don't think it's the button being held down thing.


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I currently have this same exact problem and I'm actively searching for a solution.

The problem is apparent when using most usb headsets with the microsoft wireless receiver. My Logitech 350 headset does the exact same thing. Appears to be a conflict between the wireless receiver driver and the default usb audio device driver.


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Resolvinf problem

hi I had that same problem... and I figured it out finally
the guitar access to .sys files... what you have to do its to block that...
I use a program called spyware terminator... install it on you computer...
and when you plugin your gutiar, and and after intalled spyware terminator will display a message saying that something is trying to access a .sys file, just block it, and the sound will not get distorter =D
any question mail me to [no personal info, please-Moderator]


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Im having this problem with a Wired X-box 360 controller it distorts my usb Logitech headset, does any one know how to fix this???


Following two suggestions posted at Logitech,

Goto > Start > Control Panel
Open > Sounds and Audio Devices
Goto > "Audio" Tab
Change > "Default Device" back to your sound card rather than the x-box controller.
Press > "OK"

When you plug in the x-box controller it makes itself the default audio playback because it has a headphone jack on it....

...Use an extra external USB hub for the 360 peripheral...

May require trying different brands/models of externatl USB hubs to finding one that eliminates distortion.