[RESOLVED] What mobo to my tower?


El Loco13

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Hello fellow friends,
I have a Dell Precision Workstation T3400, but I am looking to change the entire motherboard.

My questions is: what type of motherboard I can use on this tower?:confused:

I am looking into an ATX motherboard but I don't think the I/O panel will fit properly.

Any help will be appreciated. :)


El Loco13 said:
... Dell Precision Workstation T3400, ...
Due to irregular form factor as wonderinguy34 already pointed out
Very likelihood of proprietary connections for the chassis,
Mobo replacement may not be cost effective.

El Loco13

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I thought I could have. I will have to look for something else. Most motherboards have the I/O panel in the opposite side.
Thanks for the info.