[RESOLVED] URGENT! Need Hitachi Deskstar 80.4GB



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Hello everyone, happy new year to all...

Well, not so happy to me, I lost my most important hard drive a few days ago and I need to replace the logic board.

These are the characteristics of the drive I need:
  • Hitachi Deskstar
  • Capacity: 80.4GB (80.0 nor 82.3 would work, it HAS to be 80.4)
  • Model Number: IC35L090AVV207-0
  • P/N: 07N9685
  • LBA: 160.836.480 sectors
  • RPM: 7200RPM
  • MLC: H69205
  • CHS: 16383/16/63
  • Date: FEB2003 - N155
  • S/N: G3C57XKD

I'm attaching close up pictures of the label and the PCB.

I've looked on eBay too but it's impossible to find this type of drive there.

I'm really desperate and need your help.

Thanks a lot everybody.




You will be hard pressed to find an exact match. And, unfortunately, even if you do, it may not solve the problem.

Does the BIOS see the drive at all?

Have you tried hooking up the drive as a slave to a desktop and seeing if you can retrieve your data that way?


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Hello, thanks for your reply.

I'm confident that if I find the exact drive, I will be able to retrieve my info.

No, the BIOS does not recognize the drive because it doesn't turn on.

Yes, I've tried it as a slave in my PC and my USB case. As a matter of fact the drive was working fine in my USB case. I decided to move it inside my tower and when I did it didn't turn on. Then I put it back in the USB case and same thing, doesn't turn on.

I bought two other drives, VERY similar to mine but not 100% the same, they both are 80.0GB EXACT capacity not 80.4GB (those have been the closest drives I've been able to find), and although the drive turns on now my PC doesn't recognize it either. I tried it as a slave on an IDE port and in my USB case and it doesn't get recognized by Windows.

I tested my USB case with a drive that works inside my PC and Windows immediately recognizes it.


Although I have never tried it, some here have had success by wrapping the drive to protect it and then putting it in the freezer. Sometimes the chilling allows for one last boot. I know that sounds a little bizarre-but do a search here for postings using "freezer" or "freezer trick" and see if it might be something for you to consider.


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Yeah... I've heard of that... but honestly it sounds very scary... sigh... don't know what to do... then again, I have nothing to loose.

I'll look around for info on that.



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Oh well... the board is inside the freezer now. I wrapped it in an anti-static bag.



I had the same thing with a drive a few months back. A recovery guy confirmed that only the controller PCB had died, but even an identical PCB did not help. Apparently with modern drives they only recognise the original PCB due to some unique checksum or something.

Your best hope may be a data recovery firm. I have looked into it quite a bit here in the UK, and they are not quite as expensive as I had feared.


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I did consider a recovery firm, in fact, I sent my disk to them to have it checked but they misplaced my drive and got lost for a few days. The lady I talked to said that they did not have my drive, I almost died.

I was so frustrated that the only thing I wanted was to have my drive shipped back to me. Once they found it I requested them to send it back. It was a nightmare.

The company I sent my drive to was DiskDoctors, www.diskdoctors.com, NEVER consider them for your data recovery problems.

Nonetheless, the nightmare is still alive, I haven't found an identical drive so I still have to consider using an exact PCB board to really determine if it works or not.

And let me tell you, recovery data firms ARE expensive. For my 80GB drive they were going to charge me US$500 and that's the cheapest cost they have.

Thanks for your help.

Going to take the PCB out of the freezer now and see if it helped... pray for me.


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No news is bad news... in the case of the freezer method. It didn't work.

Nonetheless I fixed my drive now, I replaced the PCB and it worked perfectly :D

So the things I learned that needed to be considered when finding this new drive I were:

* Brand (duh)
* MLC: H69205
* P/N: 07N9685
* Model Number: IC35L090AVV207-0
* EXACT Capacity: 80.4GB (80.0 nor 82.3 would work, it HAS to be 80.4)

These 5 characteristics need to match, otherwise the PCBs you use won't work.

Thanks to all,