[RESOLVED] Trident 9585 in Nootbook Laptop 4090 XDT Problems...



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my Toshiba 4090 XDT Nootbook has got a 2,5 MB Software Acculator.
Not Many Games work on this Acculator :(
I have opened the Nootbook and look for the Acculator and found it.
Its a very small Hardware. Where can I buy better Acculators for my Nootbook ? Toshiba say me its not possible to buy other Acculators... I think its possible... maybe can i use a Acculator from other Nootbooks ? Or give it an PCMCIA Acculator... ???
Please Help me !
MY Laptop:
400 MHz Celeron
128 MB Ram (Where can I buy 192 Nootbook SD-Ram?)
20 GB Hard Drive
2,5 MB Graphic Acculator
14 Zoll Display
200 MBit Network Card (Realtek)

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Lots of luck. Chances are it is propriatory and non-upgradable. Few things beyond the memory and hard drive can be upgraded much. That is why when I went to look for a laptop, I looked for VERY specific things. I wanted a descrete graphics card that was at least much better than integrated, DVD, USB 2.0, and firewire. I actually lucked out and found a good machine. It is a VPR Matrix (subsidiary of Best Buy) 220A. It has a GeForce4 Go 420 with 32MB SDRAM. This just smokes any integrated graphics chipsets, but was still resonably priced at $1000. It also had a CDR/DVD combo drive, 512MB DDR, 40GB hard drive, P4-M 2.2Ghz, 2 FireWire, 2 USB 2.0, Video out, and a 15.2" wide screen. The battery lasts about 4 hours. Overall it is pretty good. I already picked up an 802.11b wireless card (and a wireless router at home) to fill the one PC slot. I can add more memory or a differant hard drive, but that is it. The main thing is I got a Geforce4 MX card in there and nVidia updates their drivers VERY regularly and the card is FULL DX7 capable. It will take a bit befor DX9 is actualy required and it plays most games at 1024x768 or better. Not too bad.


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but in my Laptop is a PCI Acculator... it use 2 PCI... I have seen some PCI Acculators but not one with use 2 PCI Slots. But can I dont use an Acculator of an better Toshiba Laptop... a Trident 9865 with 4 MB OpenGL and emualted Direct3D but where can I buy this has got anyone an old Laptop with this spezial card ?
What cost you Nootbook ?


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Is it acceptable to bump my thread after 9 years?

The solution for the issue was a docking station with 2 PCI slots, a Geforce 4200 was running without any problems in the Toshiba docking station. Most 3D accelerated games were running "acceptable" afterwards but I noticed that the old Celeron CPU was a serious bottleneck and sold the NB 2005~.

I bought in the last years at least 6 different notebooks, I use currently a ASUS G73 and got finally the GPU performance which I always wanted :) (i7 CPU, ATI 5870 DDR5 GPU, 128GB SSD, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Full HD screen...)

If anyone has nowadays a NB with a weak GPU then I suggest to get a "Expresscard" adapter which offers a external PCI-E slot, that way you can connect desktop GPUs without any problems. If you know what you do then you can try to replace the inbuilt MXM card (Check the compatibility list before), I could replace for example the ATI 5870 GPU with a 6990 in my notebook.

By the way, thank you Hardwarecentral for keeping my inactive account for so many years here :)


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If it's any help, I currently have the 6990M in my laptop and it is AWESOME 8)

Also, congratulations for coming back after 9 years!