[RESOLVED] System will not shut down, does not sleep well either



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Hi all,
I haven't posted here for so long I did not know my own info so I am now a newbie again!
OK, for my first post, a tough one, at least for me.

First my Specs (in the beginning):
Intel DZ68BC Motherboard
i7 2600K
ArcTic Cooling Freezer 13
Mushkin 996995 Black Line 8Gig 2x4 Ram
WD VelociRaptor Drive
HD 3000 Video (onboard)
LG SuperMulti DVD
Coolmaster Silecio 450 Case

The issue started after flashing BIOS, loading OS, and the latest drivers. Everything was fine, until I shutdown the system- it shutdown, but after approx 5 sec it restarted... now I won't bore you with the details of all the normal troubleshooting performed, just what is revelant to the outcome. I first discovered that the USB 3.0 driver was partially the problem, shutdown was normal until USB 3 was loaded. Next I discovered that after several on-off cycles, the issue would begin after the Graphics driver was loaded (and without the USB 3 driver). Next I discovered that sleep mode was also a problem, sometimes would not go to sleep, sometimes would not wake up, or would wake up and immeadiatly reboot.

Along the way, I replaced the following:

Ram (3 times 2 brands)
Power Supply (3 times 2 Brands)
Hard Drive (was desperate)
Cables, connectors, Mouse, keyboard, fans (was really desperate)

All set up out of the case.

All had absolutely no change in symptoms! I tried every conceivable setting in Bios that would have anything to do with shutdown or wake up (ie wake on lan). Only two things made a difference,

1. Disableing USB 3 made some change, (problems only most of the time).
2. Disableing 'Processor C States' seemed to fix the problem... Although I did not try this until I had run out of things to try.

So now I knew what would make the system work, but not knowing why, I had no faith in the cure! So began another round of Change, load, unload, retry etc... finally after every possible combination of settings, hardware and software, I have found one common thread. Upon trying a THIRD Power Supply, I have found that everything works, no matter what is loaded, any combination of hardware, any settings. Now U say, problem fixed, bad power supplys (first two). But not so fast, those two work just fine... in any other system, just not this one. They are very good P.S. I tried them in 3 other systems.
After discovering this, I now Google more specifically, and find references to this same issue, others also state that using a replacement for a supply that seems to be the issue, does not help (one guy RMA 3 P.S. before he caught on and tried a different Brand). But no one has a clue.

So now at the end, I want to know, WHAT is the difference, WHY do I need to use only certain power Supplys? I am hoping some one here can shed some light on this. Maybe this is something simple and most everyong knows but me....
Thanks to anyone who had the stamina to read all this!


Following suggests poor mobo design issues on the part of Intel not power supply,

One poster states going through 5 of the Intel mobos...

Since it is mobo design/hardware issue,
You will need to contact Intel for resolution.


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Yes I am well aware it is not a power supply issue, all the power supplies worked fine in other systems. And, yes have been in contact with Intel. They blame everything from ram to case to user. I described the symptoms very clearly to them, still there was no mention of a PS issue, although with all the RMA's because of this, I am sure they are aware of it. I am officially through with Intel.