[RESOLVED] Recording movies with Windows Media Center



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Does anybody have experience with recording TV movies with MS Windows Media Center? I read at MS site that it is possible. So far I could not figure out how they do it even as I followed all steps. Besides my WMC seems to be screwed up on two Win 7 machines. Once maximized over the whole screen, mouse cursor is paralized, it is off the form and there is no way to bring it over the shut down cross at the top right corner. This is beyond the point though. I will call DELL to have them fix it or explain how to handle the beast if this behavior is normal.

My questions are:

1. How is the input arranged? Is it a USB? If so, then what type of cable should I purchase?

2. What kind of memory should be best for storage? I do have a 300GB secondary (D:) disk with 15K rmp. I think I will initially store them on it and then transfer to another medium. What should it be?

3. How many MBs a typical movie takes? I am primaryly interested in old movies from TCM channel. I don't need avatar or this kind of stuff. Is it close to 5 MB? Could one DVD hold a movie?

4. What if I buy a battery of barracudas 1.5 TB each or perhaps 2TB HDDs. Would it be a good idea?

5. Any other suggestions?



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I figured it all out yesterday after posting, sorry. You buy a TV tuner card like this one:

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR2250 Dual TV Tuner Board

This one has dual channel capability. There is a forum: TheGreenButton where I got all the knowledge. It is devoted specifically to WMC.