[RESOLVED] Reassembled keyboard not working



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I have an HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop and I spilled juice over it long time ago; the keys were sticky and most of the keys did not work. I disassembled the keyboard, cleaned it and reassembled it and now the keyboard is not working at all (Some water did get in the keyboard while cleaning).
I doubled checked the connection and everything was fine.
I also uninstalled the keyboard (right click my computer>manage>Uninstall SP/2 keyboard) and restarted the computer and the keyboard reinstalled itself. I am not sure what is the problem here and is there any way to fix it.


When you did the work on the keyboard, did you physically remove it?

A lot of those laptop keyboards may be layered sheets of a plastic material, and getting moisture in between those sheets causes all sorts of problems.

If that is the way yours is, suggest that you removed the keyboard and let it dry out as best you can. Using some compressed air may help move the liquid out. It may or may not work. The last time I had to get into one like that, it recovered, but slowly-keys and combinations of keys would start to work again, but not all at once.