[RESOLVED]RAID5 problem with Adaptec controller



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I have an Adaptec 2610SA Sata controller with 5 discs of 500mb in Raid 5.
Some day it reboots and I have the next message:

Following Arrays have Missing ro Rebuilding or Failed Memebers and are degraded:
Following Arrays have missing required members and cannot be configured:

Press <Enter> to accept the current configuration
Press <Ctrl-A> to enter Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility

If I enter in Adaptec configuration in the option "Array Configuration Utility" I have the message:
Configuration Change
Configuration change has been detected in the system.
If you reject the configuration change, you will not be
able to modify current configuration. If you accept,
it will be updated to the current configuration.
[accept] [reject]

If I reject, in Manage Arrays I have the arrays but disc number 1 and two are --Missing Member--
If I go to disk Utilities, I have the five disk. When I Verify Disk Media of missing members, one disk fail and the other are ok.

If I accept the new configuration, I have no Arrays
When I try to create array:
Select drives to create array:
00 ST3500418AS 896 KB
01 ST3500418AS 465.7 GB <- wrong disk, color grey, disabled
02 ST3500630AS 465.7 GB
03 ST3500320AS 896KB
04 ST3500630AS 896KB

Its seems like disk 01 and 02 are not in the array, and disk 01 are damaged.

How Can I rebuild my array? Are all the lata lost? nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

A lot of thanks!


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You have one of more drive which have problems. This is the point of raid 5, you can replace a drive and the array will rebuild without any data loss.