[RESOLVED] PC Case Side Fan Cooling Question



The Prince Of Babylon
Hi, I just got a new AMD Phenom II x4 955 CPU, it has a Zalman "nVidia" cooler on it, which is the biggest cooler I have ever seen for a CPU.

My CPU temp is running a little high, at 43 degrees as I type this with just the normal stuff running in the back ground, no other programs open just this firefox... is this temp normal?

I have a side fan just above the cooler (or next to it) on the case, I had it bringing cool air inwards before and it ran the same at about 39 degrees temp, now just switched it so its taking hot air our and it is about 43 degrees...

Is it best to have the side fan taking in air, or blowing out?? I have Arctic Silver 5 on the quad-core cpu, do you think maybe I didn't use enough of it?


Caffeine Fiend
I would put the side fan as an intake and the rear case fan as an exhaust. You want to feed cool air into your Zalman.


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Here are the temps from two different Q6600s running SMP Folding At Home software. The cpu is loaded 100% on all four cores. Running them 24 x 7 also with out failures.

Core 0 50C Core 1 49C Core 2 49C Core 3 49C

Core 0 80C Core 1 74C Core 2 79C Core 3 72C

Temps are read by Intel's thermal sensor. Finger touching the heat sinks verify the temperatures as hot and very hot. I have re done the thermal paste on the very hot cpu several times. I have used different compounds with the exact same temperatures. The top cpu may be a GO stepping and the bottom cpu may be an older stepping.

Using Intel's stock heat sink.