[RESOLVED] Odd symbol in Word Starter 2010 tables only



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Windows 7 (64 bit)

An odd symbol appears in each cell (1 per cell)\ in my Word Starter 2010 program tables only, not in my other documents, can't really duplicate it, looks like a "o" in a box with the upper & lower lines slightly protruding & it doesn't respond to the the cursor or anything else. What is it & how do I delete it.


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Does it look like this ?:

If so, it's just the new line/paragraph visual markers, you can remove them by clicking on this button in the "Home" tab:





Why am I still doing up?
^^ This, most likely. eE3d spelled it out. I work in Investment Banking, and tables scare bankers in Word (even those who work in Excel files). I always get questioned about this, as much as "how do I delete the last picro (sp?) in Word?" In short, you can't!
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