[RESOLVED] my laptop from to time loses contact with battery charger


Eduard Malikin

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Hello to you. My name is Eduard Malikin. I've found one message from one of your members complaining about his laptop not sensing charger. What happens is my laptop since last Friday I've experienced the same problem with 1 year old Lenovo laptop. Although the charger was plugged in it lost contact with it from time to time. However, if I plugged the again the cord into the charger port again, it detecte and then after 10-15 seconds it lost contact again. Now,on Saturday it worked perfectly well. It didn't lost contact with charger any moment.

I thought about the problem with port also, but today for example I've experienced the same problem again with the charger as I closed the lid of the charger during the night to give it a rest. Now, it has been more than half of an hour the Windows 7 shows me the charger is plugged in and has never lost it contact last time. If the port has been broken, it wouldn't have been able to detect the charger at all. Then I thought perhaps closing the laptop lid may cause several problems with the laptops. By the way, my charger in connected to the UPS.

If you will be able to assst me some way, I'll certainly appreciate it.

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One of two things is happening. The first is poor contact between the plug from the charger and the jack in the laptop. This is most likely poor spring pressure in the jack.

The second can be a broken solder contact on a surface mounted jack. This is a common current practice in which a jack is mounted directly on the edge of a circuit board rather than being connected by wires. If the plug is flexed enough the solder traces between the jack and the circuit board or motherboard can break.

To attempt to tell which is occurring, wiggle the plug and see what happens. I'd guess side to side motion causing the connection to drop is more likely the jack than the mounting, but you'll have to play with it and make your own guesses.

While simple enough, either problem could be costly to fix due to labour cost if not DIY.

Eduard Malikin

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thanks a lot


Thanks a lot for your so fast reply. I have left my computer running at 13:00 sensing the charger and went out and returned and now it is 14:36 and still my computer keeps sensing the charger, though it has caused me problems on morning (my time). I personally think that the problem is caused by closing the lid and leaving the charger inside. This night I am not going to close the lid but the next one, yes, but I'll unplug the charger from the computer. Though the computer is connected to UPS which is relatively new and of high quality I don't think it is a good idea to keep the charger inside. Personally, I've always left e the charger inside the port while closing the lid, but I think that caused some damage to the port.

Again, thanks a lot,