[RESOLVED] Looking for 23/24'' TN/IPS display for office work, Internet and movies



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I'm planning to buy a 24'' monitor. I'll mainly use the display to work with text, internet and for movies. Much less for games (so far I have too weak hardware, although this may change). Is important for me that the monitor had a D-Sub (only such I have in my notebook) and DVI. I considered BENQ LED GL2450HM , Philips 247E3LPHSU and Acer G245HABID.
However I met with an advice that it is better to look around for a IPS panel. I drew attention on the: 23'' LG IPS235V-BN, Iiyama Prolite XB2374HDS and DELL U2312HM. I noticed that these three gather the most positive reviews, but which to choose? And whether it's worth buying one inch smaller display but with IPS panel or maybe 24'' TN?


emek said:
... LG IPS235V-BN, Iiyama Prolite XB2374HDS and DELL U2312HM...
Among the three models listed,
In order of preference: Dell, LG and lastly Iiyama.

Dell: Fairly sturdy casing/stand, fairly good colour accuracy/performance, decent warranty...
LG: Some negative feedbacks of stand not as sturdy as desired. Colour accuracy/performance a tad lower than the Dell model.
Iiyama: Colour accuracy/performance not up to par of the above two models.