[RESOLVED] Is there ANY way short of Geek Squad to remove Visual Bee?



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I have ONE site that freezes up my box on Chrome and thought MAYBE I would try Firefox again as IE mostly works the site fine but not always.
NOW I can't even dump Visual Bee even by removing and reinstalling Chrome.

Even Malwarebyte site has all sorts of stuff on it.

(from new Chrome, I can hit "Home" and get Google, but the bootup screen is always the Visual Bee.

Have I been cursed?


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Oh, the damn thing CAME with the Firefox download.
Then you might have downloaded Firefox from a fishy place. If you get Firefox directly from Mozilla (getfirefox.com) it should not come with everything else.

Otherwise, here is an article showing how to uninstall Visual Bee and clean up the mess.


Lavan said:
Oh, the damn thing CAME with the Firefox download.
As already indicated,
Legitimate downloads of Firefox do not include any extras, PERIOD.

That malware may have already been in your system and just tacked on when you launched Firefox.


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Well, several HOURS of a $200 ActiveX service I subscribed to to fix this crap ...SEEMS.... to have resolved the issue.
I've only had to call them back 6 or 7 times for correction of some issue or other.
Very disappointed (maybe)
The service has substantial cost but would be worth it for someone to talk to when things fart up.
At least it seems that Visual Bee doesn't pop up any more.
But their installation of Firefox and all the hassle with TRYING to get FF to import favorites (or even access gmail) led me to call once again while they were confused as to why FF kept saying gmail had cookie problems.
Soooooooooooooooooooooo..... Firefox is now gone.

Using IE and Chrome like I have been.

Hope it continues to work.