[RESOLVED] ipconfig problem and "Windows IP Configuration"



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My PC running Windows XP Pro is connected to a local router (SMC Barricade 7004ABR) which further has the WAN cable modem connection. I also have another PC running Windows 2000Pro connected on the router..

The Problem:

When I go to the command window on my XP PC, and type "ipconfig", it says "Windows IP Configuration" whereas earlier it used to work fine and told me the details of the ip ad, subnet mask, dns, dhcp, mac address etc...

I am using a static IP address in TCP/IP settings of, a subnet mask of and my DNS settings are which is the IP of the router.

All this was working fine until receintly when it for some reason changed.

My other pc is fine and it shows the desired parameters when typed ipconfig.

Could someone please help me with this? What is this "Windows IP configuration" message that I get?


Try running in an msdos window.... in your run box type cmd and press enter. In the box that opens type ipconfig and hit enter...


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Hey nodnod, when I meant command window it is the MS-DOS window itself. In WIN XP, it is no longer called the MS-DOS window but is called the COMMAND window, which is accessed by typing (cmd) from the Start->Run window


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Hey Nodnod, I have the same problem as does Puneet. I type in the IPCONFIG and get nothing. I am trying to create a new connection by using a LAN connection. I have high speed capability. Once again I go to the Run box and type in CMD and press Ok, then the black config box come up. I then type in ipconfig and press enter and nothing happens. Can you help me with this problem?


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Don't expect a response on a 5 YEAR OLD thread. Make a new one next time.

Make sure that ipconfig.exe is in your C:\Windows\System32 folder (aka %systemroot%\System32)

If you have any firewall software, check to see if it is blocking ipconfig. Or you can simply disable the firewall while you test ipconfig.


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Solution for same problem

Hey guys, I know this is an old thread. However it still showed up when I had the same problem. So here is the solution I found.

My situation was that I reinstalled Windows. Either way, the problem was that my ethernet card drivers were not installed correctly.

Since you have Windows XP, here is how to find out if your drivers are installed correctly:

1. Click on "Start" --> Right-click "My Computer --> Click "Properties"

2. Click on the "Hardware" tab --> click on "Device Manager"

3. In the list you may see something listed under "Network adapters" or "Other devices" that has the words "ethernet", "Network connection," or something like that.

4. To the left of that device there may be a yellow exclamation point sign. This means there is a problem with the device.

5. Right click the device --> click on "Properties" --> in the "device status" box it will tell you the problem.

Luckily I was able to click "reinstall driver" and I had a CD for my motherboard that included drivers for my ethernet card. However, for those who don't have a CD like that, you will most likely have to google the drivers available for your specific ethernet adapter, burn them to cd (or USB) and install the drivers from that new source.

It's long, but I hope it helps!



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Hi Shawn,

I joined this forum purely to Thank You.

I have been phaffing about with Windows Home Server ALL DAY trying to figure out why I cannot connect to the internet on a reinstall (when I could before).

I ended up doing the old 'detective work' routine and trying some of the ipconfig /all suggestions, and wondered why it was coming up with "Windows IP Configuration" when the main PC had all types of juicy stuff.

As you said I typed "ipconfig all windows ip configuration" into google and this post is number one.

It is 5 in the afternoon, and I have been phaffing about with this for 6 hours. So it came as something of a relief to find this post. Because it actually worked! I realised that I must have overwritten the drivers. Reinstalling from the motherboard disk did the trick and got the internet flowing again.

I doubt you will ever read this, because you only made one post, and hence are, a good samaritan passing in the night.

But regardless, I am sending you good karma man :)

Thanks again.