[RESOLVED] IP PHONE and switch connectivity



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Good day guys.

The local tech support guy where I work says I cannot connect the IP phone (AVAYA), in some LAN ports, because such a port does not provides current (or something).

I thought, that If I could get a switch and connect it in the port that does provides that current I could expand the ports availability, but It's not working.

The switch (which is one of the cheapest) is: D-Link DES-1005A
picture and specs (spanish)

And the Avaya Ip Phone is model:
Phone pictures and specs (spanish)

What's wrong?

Should I buy a new switch? or mine is faulty?



Contact your VoIP service provider for approved hardware list/requirements, configuration(s) and setup.
If you want to try troubleshoot it yourself,
There are plenty of documents available for download at the following link,


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Thanks Shinma.

Now I realize that some switch can provide current, to power the IP phone instead of using an AC adapter.

Maybe that's why the LAN the tech support guy was refering was that one.
Since some LAN only provide data not both data and current.



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To run a voip phone you have to have electrical power. That can be provided in three ways. One is to have a "brick" or transformer that plugs into the phone and into the wall
like every other device you have. The second is to plug it into a POE capable switch that provides power to the device over the unused wires in the ethernet cable.
Examples are Cisco 3560, 3750 type devices.

If your switch is not POE capable, you can also purchase a power injector that lives near the switch and will take two inputs. One is power from the transformer and one from the ethernet switch and provide the same output to the VOIP phone as would the POE capable switch.