[RESOLVED] Gigabyte MA770T vs MA790FXT ? HELP !



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Need help please.

I am not sure which motherboard to use with my Phenom 2 X4 955 Black Edition

I currently have MA790FXT , but noticed that store around the corner has MA770T for $100 cheaper

I have 2 more days to return my MA790FXT and get MA770T .

Using my PC mostly for Gaming . Would I loose any performance switching to MA770T ?

I am running 6GB of Patriot Extreme Viper Series DDR3 1066 memory and ATI Radeon HD5870 videocard

Don't plan on running Crossfire.

I am not an overclocker but would prefer to have some room for overclocking.

Please suggest .

any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!


The GIGABYTE website provides capability to compare models.

There are three variations of the GA-MA770T series.


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The 790 is a very good chipset, just cost too much extra if you are not going crossfire. At least you have the option to do it later if you want to! ;)