[RESOLVED] Gateway T-1628 HDMI audio problems



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I just recently purchased a T-1628 from a local retail store for a really good price - couldn't pass it up. One of the main reasons I was attracted to this particular model was because of the HDMI output. I have a HDTV from LG and I wanted to be able to connect my notebook to the HDTV. The idea is to be able to play .avi and divx files that I download on my notebook and display them on my HDTV.

One of the downsides to these new computers is that they come pre-loaded with Vista. This is my first time using Vista, and I'll admit that I'm a hard-core XP guy, so it may take some getting used to (assuming I ever get used to Vista).

So here's the deal. I've connected my new T-1628 to my HDTV via a high quality HDMI cable (the same cable I use just fine w/ my DVD player). I get an amazing picture on the HDTV, but I have ZERO audio out of the TV. Come to find out there is a default audio thing I have to change. Fine. Done. Only problem is I still don't have any audio. I've spoken with Gateway three times now concerning this issue. Every time they have me walk through what I already know: connect the cable, turn on the computer, HDMI audio out as default. They even had me remove and reinstall the audio devices. Still no audio out of the HDTV.

Suggestions? Anyone think I have a bad unit and need to exchange it?



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Gateway T1628

Hi just read your problem regarding theb t1628. My son bought one in the USA for me (UK) It is brand new but I can not play and DVDs on it it tells me that the files for playing videos are not loaded or are missing - please help - I am a novice with CPs


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It turns out my LG 37LC2D HDTV was the problem. It's incompatible with the HDMI output from computers (or at least from this one). LG doesn't seem to care and it doesn't look like there's anything I can do about it.

In response to mickhemps: it might be a region setting that's preventing your DVDs from playing. You might be able to open the DVD playing software to see if there's a region code setting you can change. Just a thought.


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HDTV and Gateway connection

Since the two arent compatable you could download the appropriate driver to fix the problem

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