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Hi. I have a gateway ms-6389 motherboard, and I am running an amd athlon processor. My question is, what is the best processor that I can get for a gateway ms-6389 that is compatible, that I could install on my computer.

Also, once I get the new processor, how would i go about installing it?



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Gateway's page for this motherboard.

Supported processors

AMD® Athlon™ processors at 1000 MHz, 1100 MHz, 1133 MHz, 1200 MHz, 1300 MHz, 1333 MHz, and 1400 MHz
This means you can use the early socket A (socket 462) Athlon (not XP) cpus with either the 100 or 133 FSB (133 will be better). Don't use Durons above about 950 or 1000, the second Duron core.

You'll have to reapply the thermal compound when you reinstall the heatsink. The instructions at the Arctic Silver website are excellent. Some of the clips on those heatsinks were tough to put on or remove. I used a slot screwdriver on the end of the clip to apply the correct amount of force. In order to get the right angle on the screwdriver to get the end of the metal clip under the tab on the base of the socket, I made a substitute for the screwdriver from a large nail and bent the end at a slight angle, because as I angled the screwdriver over to get the end of the metal clip on or off the plastic tab it would bump up against something and I could not get the proper angle. You can simply sacrifice a screwdriver by bending the tip at a bit of an angle.

Before you muck about inside the case, power everything off and pull the power plug on the psu.
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