[RESOLVED] eSATA only motherboard



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I need some help finding a motherboard. I can tell you what I 'think' I want and maybe you can tell me what I 'really' want.

I have 3 fairly new external eSATA drives.
They are 4TB (2x2TB) each with hardware RAID.
Each is set to RAID 1 mirrored drives. So I have 6TB of usable space.

I am looking for a motherboard with at least 3 eSATA ports that allow me to boot from my external drives.
I want to put my OS (Windows Home Server v1) on one of the external drives.

I don't care about or even want internal drives.

Thanks for your help


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The max I've seen on the back I/O panel is 2 eSATA. I'd suggest getting the motherboard with the features you want regardless of eSATA, and get a number of eSATA brackets to reroute some of the internal ports.