[RESOLVED] Error checking a drive with two partitons


jonny b

Computer Doctor
Got a 320 GB HD with two partitions. C + D is how they are listed. When I do an error check of C on a restart does that include D or do I have to do D separately?
If so then how do I do the whole drive in one big chunk. C with D? I have been Googling that.


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If you're talking about the Windows error checking, then yes you'll need to do all partitions separately as it checks the file system (which is different on each partition, could be NTFS/FAT, different cluster size and file table, etc). C needs a restart as it is usually the system/boot partition of the OS in use. The others can all be done in Windows but I don't know if you can do it "sequentially" for a set of partitions... usually you don't need to error check that often to make this worthwhile ;)