[RESOLVED] Dual ISP at home



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Is it possible (and smart) to have two different ISP (Internet Service Providers) at home?

1. One is ADSL.
2. The Other is CABLEMODEM.

How Could I double the speed of them (for both upload and download).
For example, the ADSL gives me 2mb for download and CableModem gives me 4mb for download, both gives 1mb for upload.

How can I get 6mb for download and 2mb for upload?
Also, will latency be splitted? (say adsl 10ms and cablemodem 7ms) would it be 8 or 9ms? or will it go at the lowest?



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Isn't it just a software stuff or Windows Stuff?

I remember several years ago (maybe 10 or 11 years ago), a friend of mine had connected two dialup at the same time, and when he did the speed test it showed both speed together.

I thought the same way would work in dual ISP.