[RESOLVED] Drivers on my pc stored where?


jonny b

Computer Doctor
I want to reformat an HP computer. The support website does not have all the drivers for my pc. I have checked. So can I find the drivers on my pc, back them up and install them later when I erase my computer? I found some drivers in system32 but when I try to get my driver for my audigy sound card which is not working it can't find the driver in system32. I have no driver folder like most HPs have like the sw....folder that I usually see.

So on any computer, if I don't have a particular driver folder then how would I back up the drivers on any computer so I can use them later? Instead of searching for drivers on the Internet.

I know that drivers are on a computer somewhere because when you uninstall something from device manager and then hit scan for hardware changes it loads the driver again. So they must be stored somewhere.

Or are they blasted all over the hard drive and cannot be recreated to put on an external drive???