[RESOLVED] Dell Inspiron 1545 Reintalling Opearing System, Drivers and Programs



I am trying to resintall the operating system, Drivers and Programs on a Dell Inspiron 1545. Appreciate if you guys/girls can help me out on doing this.

I noticed, that under "Computer", there is a "RECOVERY (E:)" drive. Can I use this to recover the computer back to its original state?

I also have a Reinstallation DVD, a Drivers and Utilities DVD and two application CDs.

Appriciate your advice,



If you tap F8 during boot (like you would do to get to Safe Mode), see if you have a Repair Your Computer option. If you do, you should be able to navigate to the restore/recovery function.

That recovery partition may restore you to factory settings. Remember, though, that it won't restore what was not on the machine when it was new, like additional programs and data-so be prepared for that, assuming that the above gets you going.